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Who We Are

Spearheaded by craft community members who lead with heart and grit, New Mexico Distillers Guild was created to promote the art of artisanal distilled spirits production in New Mexico.


Our mission is to raise awareness about craft distillation, promote the craft of spirit production throughout the United States, and inform the public that there is more out there than mass-produced industrial liquor.


Since 2014, we’ve become an essential part of the New Mexico craft community.

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We are a nonprofit trade group representing the New Mexico craft spirits industry. Our Members vote for the 6 democratically elected representatives who make up the Board of Directors. This Board collectively works to govern the NM Distillers Guild in a transparent, responsive manner and in accordance with our bylaws.

Scott Feuille


Founder and Distiller
Taylor Garrett Whiskey


Chris Leurig

Vice President

Master Distiller

Safe House Distilling Co.


Skye Devore

Government Relations

Owner of Tractor Brewing

Troubled Minds Distillery


Caley Shoemaker

Secretary/ Treasurer

Co-Founder & Master Distiller

Altar Spirits


Frank Holloway

Events & Marketing


Hollow Spirits

Board o Directos
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