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ABQ Journal: Scott Feuille named New Mexico Distillery Guild president

The innovator of the warp speed aging process of whiskey in New Mexico is now spearheading the New Mexico Distillery Guild.

Scott Feuille has been selected as president of the guild. As the founder and head distiller of Taylor Garrett Spirits, Feuille found a way to accelerate the process to produce his Taylor Garrett whiskeys. The process allows Feuille to create his whiskeys in six days without ruining the quality. Taylor Garrett whiskeys are comparable to whiskeys aged for a decade. Feuille is also the distiller for Vara Winery & Distillery and has received numerous accolades for his spirits.

The guild formed in 2014 under the direction of then president Colin Keegan, founder of Santa Fe Spirits, according to Feuille.


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