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New Mexico Distillers Guild Announces Little Known Benefit for Small Businesses

Albuquerque local Scott Feuille of Taylor Garrett Spirits voted to helm the Guild

New Mexico Distillers Guild is a nonprofit trade group representing the New Mexico craft spirits industry. The goals for the Guild are threefold: engaging New Mexico Distilleries to become part of the guild, highlighting and promoting New Mexico Spirits to restaurants and retail outlets, and driving public awareness through industry events. The Guild has welcomed a new board of directors helmed by local business owner Scott Feuille and relaunched a new logo, website, and social media presence.

"We are excited about what the future holds for the distilling community here in New Mexico. Under Scott's leadership, we shall see growth as he is a great worker and cares about local distilling. He is going to be a great president for the Guild" says Skye Devore, owner of Tractor Brewing and outgoing NM Distillers Guild President

"I am remaining an active member of the board now in a Government Relations role, and bringing to the forefront the policy and law changes that can positively impact our local business community. One that many local restaurants may not be aware of is HB255. That includes the type A liquor license that allows restaurants to buy local spirits. HB255 has also brought reciprocity between brewers, distillers, and winemakers. "

“Thanks to the hard work of Skye and the previous board, House Bill 255 presents an unprecedented opportunity for New Mexico restauranteurs and New Mexico Craft Spirits,” says Scott Feuille, Founder of Taylor Garrett Spirits and incoming board president.

"With the passage of House Bill 255, local restaurants can add New Mexico-made spirits to their Restaurant A license for only $500 per year. With a relatively small investment, they can increase the offerings to their customers and have a diverse menu of finely made New Mexico spirits. A modest craft cocktail program can add thousands of dollars per month to restaurants’ bottom line.

One of the Distillers Guild’s top priorities is to continue the work of the outgoing board and act as a resource for restaurant owners who want to take advantage of the new Restaurant Class A+ permit benefits."


We are a guild of local distillers dedicated to promoting the common interests of the New Mexico Distilling community and the crafting of small-batch and artisanal spirits. Spearheaded by craft community members who lead with heart and grit, New Mexico Distillers Guild’s mission is to raise awareness about craft distillation, promote the craft of spirit production throughout the United States, and inform the public that there is more out there than mass-produced industrial liquor. Since 2000, we’ve become an essential part of the New Mexico craft community. Visit us at


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